Kraken Tooth Necklace

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Forget shark tooth necklaces and get a Kraken tooth necklace! Every tooth is hand-forged by our Kraken team. They are brand-new, freshly painted teeth wrapped in silver, green, and black wire to create a unique pendant. 

To place your order:

  1. Look through our current selection of pendants and choose your favorite. Every tooth is unique! We'll be adding more to our selection as we make them, but only 44 of these teeth will be made available this season.
  2. Choose your favorite style of necklace and select that option. If you want the pendant only (no necklace), select "Pendent Only" and use code KRAKENTOOTH at checkout for $5 off.
  3. Every tooth comes with a free autographed photo of Kraken. Please fill out the Personalization section if you want a certain name or message on the photo.

Shipping is FREE to the US ONLY. International shipping is NOT available. Sorry for any inconvenience. We try to ship as soon as possible, but please allow up to one week for us to send the package.



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